PPXX: iPad winner for best PVC paper announced

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The iPad winner for the best PVC paper at the Plastic Pipes XX conference in Amsterdam has been announced: Sjoerd Jansma from Kiwa wins an iPad – proudly sponsored by PVC4Pipes – for his paper “Finding the relationship between non-destructive test methods and the tensile impact test on PVC pipes.”

The topic of the paper is how to establish the actual material quality of the nearly 70,000 km of PVC pipes that make up a large share of the Dutch natural gas grid. Many of the pipes are nearing their specified 50-year lifespan, so it is important investigate whether the pipes are fit for more years of service.

Sjoerd Jansma's paper contributes to the ongoing research of existing natural gas grids' suitability to transport hydrogen, which is expected to become a pillar in Europe's green energy transition. According to a recent position paper by TEPPFA, evidence points to that PVC pipes for natural gas indeed are fit for the hydrogen economy.

Download the abstract.

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PPXIII to meet in Johannesburg

Johannesburg will host the Pipes XIII Conference on 6/7 September 2022. Given the increasing role of plastic pipe systems in the development of new and improved infrastructure, organizers of the event are keen to share the latest technical advances from around the world.

Jan Venter, Chief Executive Officer of the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) explains: “Our South African conferences are run jointly as spin-off events from the main PPCA plastic pipe conferences. Typically, they are attended by about 300 delegates.”

“Technical progress showcased at the most recent PPXX Conference in Amsterdam now has important implications for local infrastructure investment. For those of us that were unable to attend PPXX, our conference in Johannesburg offers an excellent opportunity to stay abreast of the news and reviews of the latest technology.”

Zoran Davidovski (PPXX Chair) agrees: “Numerous speakers at Pipes XIII are selected from those of our Amsterdam conference on the basis of their cutting-edge experience and expertise.”

“For over 85 years, plastic pipelines throughout the world have achieved major environmental, operational and economical benefits. The versatility of plastics is a source of ceaseless innovation for our pipe technology and commerce. By virtue of such dynamic progress and people, our Johannesburg conference is not to be missed.”

Topics covered by Pipes XIII will embrace issues relating to HDPE and PVC pipe quality, production and manufacturing trends, installation standards and new international applications.