PVC4Pipes welcomes new partners. Learn about the partnership benefits here.

PVC4Pipes welcomes companies which produce raw materials – PVC resin and additives – and those which manufacture the wide array of PVC pipes and fittings available in today’s market, as well as scientific and testing institutes and promotional associations.

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Partnership benefits

Three partnership options are available for the PVC4Pipes partners. The benefits are summarised in the below table. Please contact info@pvc4pipes.com for any question.

Benefits Full Partnership (> €30M/Year Turnover) NEW! Full Partnership (≤ 30M€/Year Turnover) Associate Partnership
Logo on Website Yes Yes Yes
Email Distribution List of Public Information Yes Yes Yes
Plenary Meetings Participation Rights Yes Yes Ad Hoc
Access to Platform SharePoint with Confidential Documents Yes Yes No
Budget Voting Right Yes Yes No
Access to Training Package Yes Yes No
Right to Initiate PVC4Pipes Project Yes Yes No
Access to Standardisation Newsletters and Other Confidential Standardisation Documents Yes Yes No
Yearly Fee (€) 10,000 3,000 300