The VinylPlus® Product Label can help you increase sales for sustainable PVC piping solutions. The scheme is growing in recognition as a Label for green public and private procurement in Europe.

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The VinylPlus® Product Label is a labelling scheme which makes it easy for customers and markets to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC building products. More and more companies are applying for the Label. The scheme is also open to PVC pipe producers – is your company next to be Vinyl Verified?


How does it work?

The VinylPlus® Product Label is a voluntary certification scheme developed by VinylPlus in partnership with The Natural Step and The Building Research Establishment. All VinylPlus® partners can choose to apply for the label for a PVC product or product family. The scheme has been developed so as to ensure that the products and their components, but also the company’s policies and performances, are aligned with the below sustainability requirements:
VinylPlus® partnership and programme support
Organisational Management Requirements
Supply Chain Management Requirements
Controlled Loop Management and Recycling
PVC Resin from Sustainable Sources
Responsible Use of Additives
Sustainable Energy and Climate Policies
Sustainability Awareness and Communication

Top 5 reasons to apply for the VinylPlus® Product Label


Growing recognition as a Label for green public procurement

The VinylPlus® Product Label not only helps converters to develop PVC products with a higher sustainability performance, but is also a guiding tool for public and private buyers looking to select PVC products with the best sustainability profile.
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Official accreditation for Green Public Procurement in Italy

The VinylPlus® Product Label is recognised by the official Italian accreditation body Accredia.
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First sustainability scheme for plastics recognised in BREEAM

The VinylPlus® Product Label has become the very first certification scheme dedicated to plastic building and construction products to be recognised as Responsible Sourcing Certification Scheme (RSCS) in both BREEAM® and Home Quality Mark® (HQM).

Official recognition as a label for sustainable public purchasing in Belgium

The VinylPlus® Product Label has been recognised by the Federale Instituut voor Duurzaam Ontwikkeling (FIDO)/Institut Fédéral pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) as suitable to be in integrated into public procurement specifications.

Integrated in new Belgian label for sustainable carpentry

The VinylPlus® Product Label has been integrated in the new Duurzaam Schrijnwerk/Menuiserie Durable label of the Belgian Construction Certification Association.

Recognition as a Label for sustainable products and services

The VinylPlus® Product Label is recognised as a label for sustainable products alongside the PEFC label and other well-known eco-labels on, the Belgian website referencing best practices for circular building

Referenced as a certification scheme for responsibly sourced plastic B&C products

The VinylPlus® Product Label is taken as reference in new minimum prescriptions for responsibly sourced plastic B&C products in the compulsory guide for public building and renovation projects in Walloon, Belgium. Specifiers will be able to request Vinyl Verified® PVC window and door profiles using a sentence template.