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The first European standard for PVC-O pressure pipes and fittings has been published

pvc o standard

After a four-year development, the European Committee for standardization (CEN) has published the first European Standard for PVC-O pipes and fittings: EN 17176 "Plastics piping systems for water supply and for buried and above ground drainage, sewerage and irrigation under pressure - Oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O)".

The standard EN 17176 constitutes a new benchmark at European level on PVC-O and allows specifications for PVC-O piping systems intended for water supply use, pressurised (up to 25 bar) drainage, sewerage, treated waste water and irrigation systems, either underground or overground. This standard applies to drinking water piping systems under pressure, up to and including 45°C, as well as to pressurised waste water and irrigation systems.

The EN 17176 consists of five-part standard including the requirements for the raw material, PVC-O pipes and fittings and their testing to fit for the designed purpose of the system:

  • EN 17176-1: General (material characteristics of the standard, definitions, and characteristics of the materials, etc.)
  • EN17176-2: Pipes (characteristics of the pipes)
  • EN 17176-3: Fittings, (characteristics of the PVC-O fittings)
  • EN 17176-5: Fitness for purpose of the system, including its components
  • prEN 17176-7: Guide to Conformity Assessment (still under preparation)

About PVC-O

Oriented PVC, originally developed in the 70s, is a 100% recyclable material which, through the Molecular Orientation process, acquires excellent physical and mechanical characteristics: high impact resistance, ductility, resistance to fatigue and to the water hammer phenomenon that, together with a big hydraulic capacity, positions PVC-O as one of the most complete solutions for the development of pressurized water networks.