Much of Europe's ageing sewer infrastructure is in dire need of renovation. Many of the pipes are made from non-plastic materials are thus subject to corrosion, which will lead to bursts eventually. Utilities can choose to dig up the old pipes, which is costly, destructive and in urban areas often very complicated. Another option is trenchless or no-dig pipe repairs that are becoming more and more popular around the world.

PVC liners enable efficient and safe trenchless sewage repairs

Trenchless or no-dig repair offers a cost-efficient solution to broken sewer pipelines. Here, a compressed PVC liner is pushed into the old pipe. With help of steam the liner is expanded, creating a tight seal between pipe and joint. Utilities essentially get a new PVC pipeline that can last many years. By choosing PVC over other liner materials, workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals during installation. Climate-friendly bio-attributed PVC liners with an even lower environmental impact are also available on the market.