Treated wastewater reuse is part of the solution to provide enough water. At global level, the UN Sustainable Development Goal on Water (SDG 6) targets a substantial increase in recycling and safe reuse globally by 2030, and the the maximisation of water reuse is a specific objective in the European Commission’s Communication Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s water resources. Already today, Cyprus and Malta reuse more than 90% and 60% of their wastewater respectively. In other European countries, there is a huge potential.

A comprehensive network of pipes is a prerequisite for using reclaimed water. Around Europe, kilometre after kilometre of purple-coloured PVC pipes are being put in the ground. The durable and corrosion-free pipes ensure the treated wastewater find beneficial use. It can help the farmer maintain a steady water supply during peak demands, keep urban spaces green or resupply the aquifer.