PPXX: Modelling the Migration From PVC-U Pipes Into Drinking Water
PPXX: Fracture Mechanics Techniques in Large Diameter PVC Pipe

PPXX: PVC Pipes Training Package – 2020 Update!

The Plastic Pipes XX conference features a number of presentations and sessions that are highly relevant for the PVC piping industry. In the next weeks they are presented one by one:

PVC Pipes Training Package – 2020 Update!


ECVM is a key manufacturers organisation, representing six leading European PVC resin manufacturers that account for about 75% of PVC resins production in Europe. A cornerstone includes one of their three value chain platforms, created in 2003, whose activities is to support the use of PVC in critical applications such as pipes, through value chain platforms. Partners from all across the value chain are invited to participate in these platforms. The mission is to promote the utilisation of PVC in pipes through technical, financial and communication projects. Beyond the members, the partner line up of the platform includes about 20 organisations spanning the whole value chain.

In order to deliver to the market reliable and consistent information about PVC and the different PVC pipe solutions, a Training Package was developed a few years ago. The package was made up of a set of standalone PowerPoint slides, providing information on PVC-U and PVC-C pipe systems. Information on both general aspects and on key application sectors (sewage, fresh water, soil and waste, hot and cold, rainwater, industrial) were provided.

As numerous new developments and challenges (EU Plastics Strategy, microplastics, hydrogen economy) impacting the PVC pipe industry have arisen during these last years, the package has been revamped and its audience scope expanded. The new version of the Training Package has been developed using the most modern online tools so as to have a more appealing look to the newer audience and non-experts.