Plastic Pipes XXI in Buena Vista, Florida, USA, was yet another very exciting event for the global PVC pipe value chain!

PVC4Pipes at the Plastic Pipes Conference XXI

We were thrilled to participate in the renowned Plastic Pipes Conference XXI. This international forum, designed to bring together experts, academics, manufacturers, and users of plastic pipes, is a stage for illuminating ideas, groundbreaking discoveries, and collaborative solutions that shape the industry. You can learn more about the event here:

At PPXXI, a number of papers commissioned by PVC4Pipes were presented by PVC experts. Once again, we award an iPad to the best PVC paper. This time to Antonio Rodolfo, Jr. from Braskem for his outstanding work on gelation. Check out the highlights below.


PVC papers

The PVC pipe value chain was heavily present at Plastic Pipes XXI. Here are the list of papers that were presented at the conference:

Updated Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for PVC and PVC-O Pressure Pipe and PVC Non-Pressure Pipe
Richard Nichols – Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, United States of America
New Cyclic Method for PVC Force Mains
Jay Parvez & Richard Nichols – Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, United States of America
How an Industry Lead PVC Plastic Pipes Recycling Scheme Can Change Perceptions, Educate, and Provide Valuable Insights for a More Sustainable Solution
Cindy Bray – Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Limited, North Lakes, Australia
PVC-U Pipes: Optimal Extrusion Conditions for a 100+ Year Design Lifetime
Joaquin Lahoz – Centro de Ensayos, Innovación y Servicios, Móstoles (Madrid), Spain
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
Critical Quality Control of Post Consumer Recycled PVC
Shane Harton – C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc., South Hackensack, United States of America
Results of a 2022 Comprehensive Study of Water Main Performance in the USA and Canada
Steven L. Barfuss – Utah Water Research Laboratory, United States of America
“IF” (Interference) – Screw Technology
Rainer Vießmann - Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik, Kronach, Germany
Microplastics and Plastic Pipes
Peter Sejersen & Ludo Debever – TEPPFA aisbl, Brussels, Belgium
Simulation Driven Optimization of Spigot Bevels
Guido Quesada – Simulation Driven Engineering SRL, Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica
Lifecycle Cost Benefits of PVC-U Pipes in Europe
Alessandro Marangoni – Althesys Strategic Consultants, Milano, Italy
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
New Cradle-to-Gate Data for the Production of Fossil PVC in Europe
Vincent W. Stone – European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers, Brussels, Belgium
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
Fracture Mechanics as a Tool for the Assessment of the Degree of Gelation of U-PVC Pipes
Antonio Rodolfo Jr. – Braskem S/A, Brazil
Meeting the European Nordic Quality Requirements for PVC Pipes with Recycled Material
Tobias Johnsen – PVC Information Council, Denmark
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
Thermoforming Process for Sockets Integrated With Rieber System in Molecularly Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride (PVCO) Pipes for Pressurized Water Distribution
Orlando Martinez & Giorgio Tabanelli – SICA S.p.A., Cotignola, Italy
Commitment to Sustainability in Structured-Wall PVC-U Pipes for Sewerage. “Circular Certification” for “Circular Products”
Ricardo Pascual Galan – AENOR, Spain
Leak Tightness of PVC Fittings With Hydrogen
Roland Valk – Kiwa Technology, Appeldoorn, The Netherlands
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
The Brazilian PVC Pipe Association Quality Assurance Program: 30+ Years of Success
Luciana Oriqui & Mauro Adamo Seabra – Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Materiais para Saneamento – ASFAMAS-PVC, Brazil
Antonio Rodolfo Jr. – Braskem S/A, Brazil
Selection and Evaluation of Organotin Stabilizer Chemistries for PVC and CPVC Pipe and Fitting Systems
Bob Smith – PMC Organometallix, United States of America
How PVC Pipes Can Contribute to Food Safety in the World’s Mega-Cities
Tobias Johnsen & Ole Grøndahl Hansen – PVC Information Council Denmark
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
PVC-O DN1200 (48”): The Most Sustainable Solution for Transporting Water Under Pressure Up to 25 Bar (305 PSI) of Pressure
Ignacio Muñoz – Molecor, Spain
Application for Geolocating Water Networks
Dolores Herran – Molecor, Spain

PVC papers for poster presentations

VinylPlus 2030 Commitments for PVC Pipes
Vincent W. Stone – VinylPlus, Brussels, Belgium
Sponsored by PVC4Pipes
Hydraulic Roughness Coefficient Testing of PVC Pipe
Steven L. Barfuss – Utah State University, United States of America