What Beyond Plastics Gets Wrong About PVC Pipes

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PVC4Pipes responds to Beyond Plastics’ flawed report titled The Perils of PVC Plastic Pipes. The report claims that PVC pipes for drinking water are unsafe, and recommends utilities to choose copper pipes instead. The analysis and response by PVC4Pipes titled What Beyond Plastics gets wrong about PVC pipes points out that the recommendation is based on outdated and misleading information about PVC, and warns of the potential health and environmental consequences of following the advice.

The paper takes a European perspective and cites various sources to demonstrate that PVC pipe manufacturing is safe, with strict regulations in place to limit emissions of vinyl chloride and dioxins. It debunks the claims that PVC pipes contain plasticisers, demonstrates that PVC pipes preserve drinking water quality and points to the PVC industry’s contribution to the circular economy.

Further, the paper highlights the potential negative environmental and health impacts of copper mining and production, including dioxin emissions, land degradation, deforestation, and water and air pollution. In contrast, PVC has been shown to have a much lower environmental footprint, including greenhouse gas emissions, than non-plastic materials.

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