Safe, durable & cost-efficient,
sustainable and recyclable PVC pipes

PVC4Pipes is the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers' value chain platform to communicate about the use of PVC in pipe systems in the global market. Our mission is to promote the acceptance and utilisation of PVC in pipe systems through scientific and technical projects, appropriate standardisation, and communication activities. We also support our partners to get in touch with project building owners.

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100-year lifetime for underground PVC pipes

Durability is key for underground piping systems, as it is costly to install and replace pipes buried in the ground. Research, extrapolation studies and studies of dug-up pipes in service for years show minimal degradation and confirm that PVC pipes can last 100 years.

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PVC pipes fit for the hydrogen economy

Green hydrogen made from renewable energy can become a pillar for Europe's climate neutral future. PVC pipelines make up a large part of Europe's natural gas grid. Research shows existing and new PVC pipelines are well suited to transportation of hydrogen.


PVC highlights from Plastic Pipes XX

The main event for the plastic pipe industry took place in Amsterdam, 6-8 September 2021. For the PVC piping industry, the conference gave many new insights.


PVC Pipes in Europe: Delivering Sustainable Performance for More Than 80 Years

Innovative technical performance and sustainable solutions in the European PVC pipes sector were showcased at the first PVC4Pipes conference in Bologna, Italy.