PVC pipes for a resilient Europe


PVC4Pipes is the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers' value chain platform to communicate about the use of PVC in pipe systems in the global market. Our mission is to promote the acceptance and utilisation of PVC in pipe systems through scientific and technical projects, appropriate standardisation, and communication activities. We also support our partners to get in touch with project building owners.

PVC4Pipes Conference 2022

Sustainable innovations and advances in technical performance in the European PVC pipes sector were presented at the second PVC4Pipes conference, taking the theme ‘Connecting Sustainability and Innovation’.

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European PVC and PVC pipe industry contributions to Europe's economy



companies, resin manufacturers, additive producers, equipment manufacturers, converters, recyclers etc.



€36 billion


1+ million tonnes

of pipes and fittings out of 4.3 million tonnes PVC resin consumed each year

PVC pipes are fit for the hydrogen economy

According to the EU Hydrogen Strategy, clean hydrogen produced from renewable energy source such as wind and solar is a pillar in the transition to a carbon neutral future. Ongoing research supported by PVC4Pipes show it is possible to transport hydrogen through the existing natural gas grid of PVC pipes.