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Year Conference Comment Paper Title Author
1970 Southampton PVC Agreement Assessment - Testing for Performance Lant
1970 Southampton PVC Cold Water Plumbing Services in Plastics Piping Cooper
1970 Southampton PVC Plastics Piping for Building Services - An Architect's Appreciation Gay
1970 Southampton PVC Plastics Piping for Telephone Cable Ducts Rata
1970 Southampton PVC Plastics Soil, Waste and Drainage Systems Catterick
1970 Southampton all materials  The Durability of Plastics Pacitti
1970 Southampton all materials  The Spectrum of Polymers - Recent Developments Van der Vegt
1970 Southampton PVC Thermoplastics as Engineering Materials Bacon
1970 Southampton PVC The Development of Plastic Valves Young
1970 Southampton all materials  Applications for Plastic Piping in Marine Laboratories Gilpin-Brown
1970 Southampton PVC Main Laying Techniques for Plastic Pipes Trebucq
1970 Southampton PVC / PE Moleplough Laying Techniques for Plastic Pipes Jackson
1970 Southampton PVC Some Case Histories on the Use of Plastic Pipes in Sewerage and Water Supply Schemes Ellis
1970 Southampton all materials  The Use of Plastics Pipe in Agricultural Land Drainage Trafford
1970 Southampton PVC / PE Experience with Plastics Pipe in the Water Supply Industry Gill, Law
1970 Southampton PVC Flow Characteristics of Plastic Pipes Lamont
1970 Southampton PVC Plastics Pipes in the Gas Industry Mather
1970 Southampton PVC The Choice of Plastics for Gas Distributions Systems Benjamin
1970 Southampton PVC The Structural Requirements of Plastic Gravity Sewers Carter
1972 Southampton PVC Application of uPVC pipe in a large irrigation project Thomas
1972 Southampton PVC Development and design of a uPVC diffuser pipe system for activated sludge plants Coombs
1972 Southampton PVC Design considerations for gravity sewers in PVC Carter
1972 Southampton PVC Plastics pipes in highway drainage Northcott, Plant
1972 Southampton PVC Plastics pipes and fittings for the surgeon and bio-medical engineer Lawson
1972 Southampton PVC Plastics plumbing in buildings and below ground drainage Stroud
1972 Southampton PVC Design of pipe networks in unsteady flow conditions Fox
1972 Southampton PVC Practical experience of plastics pipe installation for potable water supply Young, Howarth
1972 Southampton PVC Six years of experience with uPVC for sewers in West Germany Dotzauer
1972 Southampton PVC / PE The prospects for new polymers and grades of polymers Brighton, Baxter
1972 Southampton all materials  The scope for second generation plastics materials in engineering plant applications Howie
1972 Southampton all materials  Choice of materials available to the gas industry Thorne, Hall
1972 Southampton PVC Plastics pipes for natural gas distribution in the Netherlands Van Gunst
1972 Southampton PVC Plastics pipes in gas distribution and relevant joining techniques Mason
1974 Southampton PVC / PE  A major ductwork and waste system in plastics for aggressive and radio-active laboratory effluents Schneiders
1974 Southampton PVC Experience at Droitwich in the use of PVC drainage West
1974 Southampton all materials  Plastics pipes in the Shell Centre building, London - a retrospective view Hall
1974 Southampton PVC Discussions - Sessions 1 - 6 Holmes-Walker
1974 Southampton PVC A study of an experimental uPVC pipeline laid beneath a major road during and after construction Trott, Gaunt
1974 Southampton PVC Experience with uPVC sewers in West Germany Jirka, Greenrod
1974 Southampton PVC International developments in PVC gravity sewer design Carter
1974 Southampton PVC Investigations concerning uPVC drain and sewer pipes and fittings Vaelimaa
1974 Southampton PVC The Analysis of practical failures of plastic pipelines Marshall, Williams
1974 Southampton all materials  Development for polymers in pipemaking Mueller
1974 Southampton PVC International standardisation - a pipe dream? Littlewood
1974 Southampton all materials  Case studies of plastics pipelines in acid-proof installations Schmidt, Kessler
1974 Southampton PVC Automatic irrigation systems Bell
1974 Southampton PVC Plastics pipe in land drainage and irrigation Ede
1974 Southampton PVC A 24 in (610mm) x 10 mile potable water pipeline in PVC Collins
1974 Southampton PVC A water distribution scheme for Washington new town Irving
1974 Southampton PVC Stress cracking in uPVC and high impact (PVC/CPE) pipes in the natural gas distribution network in the Netherlands Mutter, Benjamin
1974 Southampton GRP with PVC inear The use of plastics pipes for an integral cooled 400kV cable system Barton, Cliffe
1979 Brighton all materials  Plastics Pipes in Water Distribution - Hopes and Fears Burgess
1979 Brighton all materials  An Analysis of Past and Future Markets for Thermoplastics Pipes McNally
1979 Brighton all materials  Applications and Applicational Limits of Plastic Pipework Systems for Industrial Installations Lindner
1979 Brighton PVC Plastics Gas Distributions Systems, A Review of Current Practice Benjamin
1979 Brighton PVC The Advantages and Suitability of uPVC Pipes for Hot Climates Doughty
1979 Brighton PVC Experience of Long-Term Behaviour of uPVC Gravity Sewers Gehrels, Elzink
1979 Brighton PVC Surge and Fatigue in uPVC Sewer Rising Mains Kirby
1979 Brighton PVC A Study of Long-Term Strength and Creep Rupture in uPVC Plastics Pipe Jumppanen
1979 Brighton PVC Designing to Prevent Failure by Buckling on PVC Pipes Stapel, Steenbergen
1979 Brighton PVC Evaluation and Usage of Joint Seals for UPVC Pipe Systems Hunt
1979 Brighton PVC Loading Tests on uPVC Pipes on installed in cohesive and non-cohesive Bedding Materials Trott, Stevens
1979 Brighton all materials  Standard Testing of Pipes and the Examination of Failures Berry
1979 Brighton PVC The Long Term Fracture Performance of uPVC Pressure Pipe as Influenced by Processing Moore, Benham, Gotham, Hitch, Littlewood
1979 Brighton PVC The Need to Revise is 1167, Dealing with Pressure Testing Gons
1979 Brighton PVC / PE The Use of Fracture Mechanics for the Prediction of Failure of Thermoplastics Pipes Birch, Howarth, Marshall
1982 York all materials  An Appraisal of the UK Market for Plastics Pipes Stevens
1982 York PVC Fracture Propagation in Plastics Pipes Vancrombrugge
1982 York PVC Sealing Systems for PVC Pipes Magnusson
1982 York PVC Criteria for High Toughness in UPVC Pressure Pipes Marshall, Birch
1982 York PVC Degradation of PVC Plain and Corrugated Pipes due to Weathering Conditions in Egypt Eleiche
1982 York PVC PVC Pressure Pipes The Importance of Gelation to Ensure van den Hevel
1982 York PVC Some factors affecting Toughness in UPVC Pipe Materials Moore, Stephenson, Whale
1982 York PVC The Properties of PVCC and its Applications in the Transport of Hot Fluids with or without … Juillard
1982 York PVC Weathering Behaviour in UPVC Pipes LeHunt
1982 York PVC Gravity Sewage Pipes of UPVC for 10 Years in Use Vaelimaa
1982 York PVC Loading Tests on Buried Plastics Pipes to Validate a New Design Method Reilly, Crabb, Trott
1982 York PVC Relaxation Modulus of PVC and PEH Sewage Pipes for Evaluation of Long-Term Stiffness Koski
1982 York PVC Service Failure Experience of uPVC Pressure Pipes in the Water Industry Stephens, Gill
1985 York PVC Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe - A Proven Performer in the Management of Inorganic Chemicals and Aggressive Hot Water Filer 
1985 York PVC Relevance and Application of Fracture Toughness Measurements for UPVC Moore, Prediger, Stephenson
1985 York PVC The Dynamic Fatigue Behaviour of UPVC Pressure Pipe Dukes
1985 York PVC The Influence of Bedding and Sidefill on the Response of nPVC Pipes to Surface Loading Rogers, Brown, Boyle
1985 York PVC Weathering of UPCV Pipes LeHunt
1985 York PVC An Argon Plasma Etching Method for the Investigation of Craze Microstructure in PVC Gas Pipes Zefrin, Scholten
1985 York PVC Deflection of Sewer Pipes and a New Method for Measuring and Specifying Stiffness of Plastics Pipes Joekes, Elzink
1985 York PVC In-Service Durability of uPVC Water Mains Lancashire
1988 Bath PVC The Characterisation and Performance of UPVC Pressure Pipes Moore, Stephenson, Tagger
1988 Bath PVC Use of Fracture Mechanics in the Development of Tough Polymers for Use in the Water Distribution System of NWWA Marshall, Marshall, Young
1988 Bath PVC Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Thermoplastic Pipes LeHunt
1988 Bath PVC Physical Ageing of Buried PVC Sewer Pipes as Affecting their Long Term Behaviour Janson
1988 Bath PVC Ring Stiffness by Long-Term Creep and Relaxation Tests of Rib-Reinforced uPVC Sewer Pipes Koski
1988 Bath PVC The Effect of CaCO3 Fillers on Processing and Mechanical Properties of UPVC Pipes Gilbert,, Plaskett, Hancock, Higgs
1988 Bath PVC The Long Term Behaviour of Buried uPVC Sewer Pipe Elzink, Walton
1988 Bath PVC The Production and Application of Bioriented PVC Pipe Meijering
1992 Eindhoven PVC End Effects on Long-Time Internal Pressure Testing of PVC Pipes Farshad, Flueler
1992 Eindhoven PVC PVC Pipes - Today and Tomorrow Mayrhofer
1992 Eindhoven PVC An Evaluation of Toughened PVC-U Pressure Pipes Holloway, Naaktgeboren
1992 Eindhoven PVC Lifetime Predictions of uPVC Pipes - Theoretical and Experimental Comparisons Burn
1992 Eindhoven PVC Service Life Analysis of PVC Gas Pipes in Practice Rijpkema, Wolters
1992 Eindhoven PVC The Failure of Long Term Pressure Properties of Plastic Pressure Pipes Marshall, Harry, Ward, Pearson
1992 Eindhoven PVC Spirally ribbed, directly extruded structured PVC-U Pipe. Production, Properties and Jointing Methods Boeen
1995 Edinburgh PVC Molecularly Orientated PVC Pressure Pipes Lowdon, Chantre, Brown
1995 Edinburgh PVC Factors affecting the fracture toughness measurement of uPVC pipe samples Burn, Richards
1995 Edinburgh PVC Fracture toughness and dynamic fatigue characteristics of PVC/CPE blends Fitzpatrick, Mount, Smyth, Stephenson
1995 Edinburgh PVC The Development of a Mains Pressure Test for PE & PVC Pressure Pipes Marshall, Birch, Morley
1995 Edinburgh PVC Fundamental Studies on Creep Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe under Internal and External Pressure Loading Iwamaoto, Saito, Araki, Hori
1995 Edinburgh PVC Coextruded Pipe: An ideal product for recycled PVC pipes and fittings Pots, Benjamin
1995 Edinburgh PVC Enhancing the performance of Plastics Pipes, Fittings & Joints Bowman
1995 Edinburgh PVC PVC Pipes (Hollins) Hollins
1995 Edinburgh PVC Long-term behaviour of buried PVC sewer pipes Janson
1995 Edinburgh PVC Old PVC gravity sewer pipes: Long Term Performance Alferink, Guldback, GrootoPVC
1995 Edinburgh PVC The Crack Growth Resistance of PVC and PE Marshall, Ingham, Brogden
1998 Gothenburg PVC  A Universal, User Friendly, System for Gas Leakage Free House Connections  Gutoneau 
1998 Gothenburg PVC  Dynamic Pressure Testing Lawrence, Potter, Teo 
1998 Gothenburg PVC  Effects of Processing Conditions on the Fracture Toughness of PVC-U Pipe  Kuriyama, Narisawa, Shiina, Kotaki 
1998 Gothenburg all materials   Plastics Pipe Market  Denning 
1998 Gothenburg PVC Updating Retained Gastket Jointing Technology for PVC Pipes Smith, Guzowski
1998 Gothenburg PVC Properties and Performance of Biaxial PVC Pipe Manufactured by a Continuous Process Holloway
1998 Gothenburg PVC Optimising the Performance of Modified PVC for Pressure Pipe Applications Whittle, Burford
1998 Gothenburg PVC Organic Based Stabilizer Systems for PVC Pipes Hopfmann, Wehner, Stoffelsma, Ryningen, Clucas, Pfaender
1998 Gothenburg all materials   Results and Experiences from Tests on PEX, PP and PVC Pipes Exposed to Different Chemicals  Ifwarson, Andersson 
1998 Gothenburg PVC  Environmental Stress Cracking of PVC Pipe Materials  Wolters 
2001 Munich PVC  Long Term Performance of PVC Pressure Pipes in a Large Rural Water Supply Scheme  Stahmer, Whittle 
2001 Munich PVC  The Performance of a Gas Distribution System of Ductile PVC  Meijering 
2001 Munich PVC  Progress in PVC Pipes - Quality, Consistency and Sustainability  Bos, Tan 
2001 Munich PVC  PVC in the Third Millennium  Thompson 
2001 Munich PVC  Elastomeric Pipe Joint Performance Requirements for Use in PVC Sewer Pipelines  Sadler, Burn, Whittle 
2001 Munich PVC  Optimising the Performance of Ferrule Straps with PVC Pipes StPVCes, Potter, Metcalfe, Bowman, Graham 
2001 Munich PVC  A Study of the Solvent Cement Bond for PVC and ABS Pipe Joints  Tjandraatmadja, Burn 
2001 Munich PVC  Creep and Fatigue Crack Growth in a Pipe Grade PVC Material  Balika, Lang 
2001 Munich PVC  Investigating Crack Growth and Plasticity in the C-Ring Fracture Toughness Test  Davis, Burn, Whittle 
2001 Munich PVC  Assessment of the Strength and Toughness of Modified PVC Pipes Whittle, Burford, Hoffmann 
2004 Milan PVC Innovative PVC Pipe Systems for Increased Safety and Improved Economics  A. Bos 
2004 Milan PVC PVC-A pipes ductile brittle transition in failure mode  C. Dal Pozzo 
2004 Milan PVC/PE A View of the European Plastics Pipes Market in a Global Scenario Raynaud
2004 Milan PVC/PE Sustainable Investment in the Plastics Pipes Industry Catanzano
2004 Milan PVC Recent Developments in PVC-C Compound Technology Schroeder, Julius, Forsyth
2004 Milan PVC Prediction of Ductile Failure in U-PVC Pipes from Creep Tests on Specimens Castiglioni, Verzanini, Pavan
2004 Milan PVC PVC Pipes for Life - Modern Developments and Design Criteria Osry
2004 Milan PVC The Durability of a Low-Pressure Gas Distribution System of Ductile PVC Meijering, Wolters, Hermkens
2004 Milan PVC An Innovative Technology to Make Structured PVC Pipes For Sewers Large Diameter with Possible Developments in the Technology Nets Field Nesti
2004 Milan PVC Developments in North American PVC Piping Products for Trenchless Applications Rahman
2004 Milan PVC Pipeline Rehabilitation with Expanded and Reoriented PVC Woods, Marti, Ferry
2004 Milan PVC 70 Years of Experience with PVC Pipes Huelsmann, Nowack
2004 Milan PVC Experience with a Close-Fit Pipeline Renovation System based on a PVC Alloy Bos, Huusko
2004 Milan PVC New Design Guidelines for Fatigue Failure in PVC Pipe Jeffrey, Moser, Folkman
2004 Milan PVC Resistance of PVC-U and PVC-M to Cyclic Fatigue Whittle, Teo
2004 Milan PVC Alternative Stabilisers for PVC Pipes and Fittings FPVCken
2004 Milan PVC Filled or foamed PVC Pipes - Which solution achieves highest benefit? Dobrowsky
2004 Milan PVC PVC-U Pipe Extrusion Machinery - Technological Solutions Mickley
2004 Milan PVC Stabilisers for PVC Systems Schiller, Fischer
2004 Milan PVC Newly Developed Sewer Pipe System With Improved Abrasion Performance and Safer Joints Jungmann
2004 Milan PVC Molecular Oriented PVC and PVC-U Pipes for Pressure Applications in the Water Industry Robeyns, Vanspeybroeck
2004 Milan PVC/PE The Above Ground Design of Plastic Pipe Systems for Process Fluids MacKellar, Headford, Ingham
2004 Milan PVC Long Term Performance of Existing PVC Water Distribution Systems Breen, Boersma, Slaats
2004 Milan PVC Predicting the Residual Life of PVC Sewer Pipes Whittle, Tennakoon
2006 Washington DC PVC System XFR 15-50 a Flame and SmPVCe Suppressed PVC DWV Pipe for Non-Combustible Building and Plenum Applications Campbell
2006 Washington DC PVC Will Bi-Oriented PVC Pipes Take Over? Tabanelli
2006 Washington DC PVC DSC-Gelation Measurement - Influence of Pipe-Formulation on Result Fumire
2006 Washington DC PVC Inorganic Impact Modifier and Processing Aid for PVC Pipes Schmaucks, Friede, Sorhuus, Roszinski
2006 Washington DC PVC Molecularly Oriented PVC Pipe - The North American Experience Houle
2006 Washington DC PVC Choosing PVC Resins for Formulation Properties Zena, Connolly
2006 Washington DC PVC Corrosion-Free Solution for Sustainable Water and Wastewater Systems Walker
2006 Washington DC PVC CPVC/Metal/CVPC Composite Piping Systems Frimel
2006 Washington DC PVC A Photoelastic Study of Strains in PVC Pipe Bells Encountered During a Variety of Assembly Scenarios Shumard, Fisher, Rahman
2006 Washington DC PVC Containing Thrust Forces in Municipal Pipelines Rahman, Diamond
2006 Washington DC PVC PVC Pipe Jointing: The Rieber System in North America Rahman, Bird
2006 Washington DC PVC Practical Use and Performance Testing of Light Weight Thermoplastics Pipes Chapman, Macovaz
2006 Washington DC PVC Collection and Recycling of Plastics Pipes in the Demolition and Construction Waste System Whittle, Pesudovs
2006 Washington DC PVC PVC Pipe and Fitting Recycling in Action Creelman, Fisher, Franzen
2006 Washington DC PVC Effect of Elevated Temperature on Stress-Rupture Testing of Low Inherent Viscosity PVC Resins Ciechanowski
2006 Washington DC PVC The Energy Crisis - Designing with Material and Energy Efficient PVC and HDPE Piping Systems Osry, Tjabring
2008 Budapest PVC Ca-Based Alternative Stabilisers - Trend in PVC Pipes and Fittings Anders
2008 Budapest all materails China Plastics Pipe, Status, Development & Trend Zhanjie Wang
2008 Budapest PVC Direct Addition of Calcium Carbonate Mueller
2008 Budapest PVC Fatigue Crack Propagation of PVC-U and PVC-M Pipes in a Water Environment Samt, Whittle, Hoffman, Burford
2008 Budapest PVC Fatigue-Limits, Fatigue Threshold and Other Random Quantities in PVC Pipes West,Truss, CrPVCer, Chapman
2008 Budapest PVC Fatique crack propagation of PVC-U Samat 
2008 Budapest PVC Influence of Local Gelation Degree on the Frequency of Breaks of PVC Pressure Pipes Muschik, Dragaun, Valenta
2008 Budapest PVC Large PVC Pipe - Canadian Experience Lefort
2008 Budapest PVC Laser welding + molecular orientation of pipes Bos
2008 Budapest PVC Lead-Free Stabilization for PVC Pipes Hebrard, Lundquist, Cho
2008 Budapest PVC Lifetime Expentancy of PVC-U pipelines for sewer systems Hank Meerman
2008 Budapest PVC New Full Dry Systems Developed for Bi-Oriented Pipes brings Excellent Opportunities for PVC-O Munoz
2008 Budapest all materails Plastic Pipes (PVC, PP and PE) for Bachelor and Master Degree Moen
2008 Budapest PVC PVC - Nanocomposites Increasing the Softening Temperature Marossy, Velki, Fodor
2008 Budapest PVC PVC Pipes in Gas Distribution Hermkens
2008 Budapest PVC PVC-MWNT Nanocomposites Leskovics, Velki, Marossy
2008 Budapest PVC Quick Switch - Inline Dimension Change in PVC Pipe Extrusion Lachhammer
2008 Budapest PVC REACH and its Potential Effects on the Use of PVC in Pipes Howick
2008 Budapest PVC Resistance of PVC Pipes against Disinfectants Fumire Joel
2008 Budapest PVC The Application of PVC-O Pipes for Water Supply and Pressure Sewage Alferink
2008 Budapest PVC The Chemical Resistance of CPVC in Demanding Industrial Applications - Trends in Existing and Emerging Markets Breiner
2008 Budapest PVC The design, development and performance  in Service of PVC-U Underground Ducting Systems for High Voltage Power Cables Paarsons
2008 Budapest PVC The Miracle - CaCO3 Load of uPVC and Chalking of Pipes Schiller, Huismann, Pelzl
2008 Budapest PVC/PE Stress Relaxation and Stabilization of Deeply Buried Thermoplastic Pipe White
2008 Budapest all materails The Benefits of Pipelines Innovation - the Advantages of Using Plastics for Water Industries in Italy Marangoni Alessandro
2008 Budapest PVC Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project Samat 
2010 Vancouver PVC Influence of Molecular weight on the properties of bioriented PVC  J.Fumire
2010 Vancouver PVC PVC Twin wall pipes, a new concept J.Fumire
2010 Vancouver PVC PVC ͲO pipes: an economical & environmental analysis for water companies and pipe manufacturers. I.Munoz
2010 Vancouver PVC How CPVC has improved the Reliability of Acid and Alkali Lines at Cold Rolling Mills of Steel Plants and other Chemical Applications M.Dhar
2010 Vancouver PVC CPVC Piping Systems in Desalination Applications T.Breiner
2010 Vancouver PVC Analytical Model of Stresses Caused by Over-Belling PVC Pipe Sfolkman
2010 Vancouver PVC Reliability of PVC-U Three Layer Pipes with Recycled Solid Core T.Kuriyama
2010 Vancouver PVC DirectAdditionof Calcium Carbonate–Novel and Superior Technology to the Classical Rigid PVC Dry Blend Mixing Process E.Raymond
2010 Vancouver PVC Recent Changes to North American PVC and PVCOPres sure-Pipe Standards J.Houle
2012 Barcelona PVC Contribution of the Plastic Pipe Industry to the PVC Voluntary Commitment Hans Telgen
2012 Barcelona PVC PVC-O pipes for water and waste water applications: Standardisation, Quality and Applications Alferink Frans
2012 Barcelona PVC CPVC in Fire Sprinkler Systems Sinikka Freidhof
2012 Barcelona PVC Best Environmental Practice PVC pipes and fittings for the Green Building Industry Nigel Jones
2012 Barcelona PVC How much recycled PVC in PVC pipes? Steve tan
2012 Barcelona PVC Non-destructive and in-situ determination of gelation in pvc pipe networks Drenth Emiel
2012 Barcelona PVC Training Toolkit for Training the Sales Forces of PVC Pipe Manufacturers across Europe Greiner Jean-Francois
2012 Barcelona PVC New developments in PVC-O Munoz Ignacio
2012 Barcelona PVC The Status And The Next Five-Year Development OutloPVC Of The China Plastic Pipe Industry Wang Zhanjie
2012 Barcelona PVC Using PVC-pipes to put microalgae in the right light Schuessler Stephan
2012 Barcelona PVC Performance and sustainability advantages of PVC sewer pipes in Australia Whittle Alan
2012 Barcelona PVC An assessment of the competitiveness of PVC piping system. The total cost of ownership approach Marangoni Alessandro
2012 Barcelona PVC PVC-O pipes for big pressure nets: DN500 & DN 630 Arena Antonio
2012 Barcelona PVC How CPVC piping systems made headway in various niche applications in industrial and large building projects in India Dhar Manoj
2012 Barcelona PVC Choosing the right molecular weight for oriented PVC pipes Fumire Joel
2012 Barcelona PVC A study assessing the performance of O-PVC in pressure pipes Michel Catherine
2012 Barcelona PVC The long term durability of PVC rainwater systems – performance after 25 years of service Tan Steve
2012 Barcelona PVC Global PVC stabiliser trends for pipes – challenges and practical experience Udo Anders
2012 Barcelona PVC/PP Machine and Cutting Process For PP And PVC-U Extrusion Lines Producion Short Pipes For Indoor Sewage Gulminelli Marco
2014 Chicago PVC PVC Pipes – Lifelines for a New Age Stephen Tan
2014 Chicago PVC Sewer Installation Time – Comparing PVC with concrete Zoran Davidovski
2014 Chicago PVC Validation of the Long Life of PVC Pipes Steven Folkman
2014 Chicago PVC The VinylPlus label for sustainable plastic piping systems Zoran Davidovski
2014 Chicago PVC How Transparent PVC-U Turns Green to Produce Food and Fuel Stephan Schuessler
2014 Chicago PVC Determining the Processing Quality of PVC Pipe by DSC – How Precise? Dale Edwards
2014 Chicago PVC PVC-O Fittings Dolores Herran
2014 Chicago PVC PVC-O: Expanding in Technology and Application Andre Nijland
2014 Chicago PVC Cost Saving Solutions in Pipe Production Rob Spekreijse
2014 Chicago PVC Designing Against Rapid Crack Propagation in PVC Water Pipes Frans Scholten
2014 Chicago PVC PVC – Review of Available Technologies for Trenchless Pipeline Applications Nigel Jones
2014 Chicago PVC Thermally Fused PVC Pipe Helps Accelerate Adoption of Trenchless Pipe Installation Techniques in North America Tom Marti
2014 Chicago PVC PVC4Pipes Training and Presentation Packages Jean-Francois Greiner
2014 Chicago PVC Highlight on PVC Stabiliser for Pipes – Comparison and Trends Udo Anders
2014 Chicago PVC EPCOR’s Continuing Success with PVC Water Main Pipe Douglas Seargeant
2014 Chicago PVC Optimization Design of PVC Drainage Pipe Fittings Bing Guo
2014 Chicago PVC Plastic Sheet Material: an Excellent Protection of PVC Pipes Against UV-Degradation Jeroen Weller
2014 Chicago all materials  Analysis of Noise in Architectural Water Drainage Systems and the Application of Noise Reduction Technology Yanjun Li