PVC4Pipes - 10 Key Reasons to Choose PVC

PVC4Pipes is the trade association set up in 2003 with the mission of developing and promoting sustainable PVC piping systems in the global market. Our members are drawn from all sections of the industry, from raw materials supply to pipe systems manufacture, testing institutes and promotional organisations. Our members are committed to the principles embodied in VinylPlus, especially in terms of Product Quality, Environmental Responsibility and Ethical Standards. Chinese Croatian Czech Dutch German Hungarian Italian Polish Portuguese  Running time - 4:05

PVC Pipes - The Best Choice

Have a look at this video and learn why PVC is the best choice for piping systems. You'll discover how PVC pipes are made and why properties such as their light weight, resistance to chemical attack, ease of assembly, recyclability and low cost make them the ideal system to meet the needs of our ever expanding towns and cities.
Running time - 3:25


MOLECOR Rough Treatment

This video vividly demonstrates the excellent impact resistance and ductile behaviour of molecular oriented PVC pipes. Combined with outstanding resistance to point loads, it shows the ability of oriented PVC pipes to withstand even the roughest of treatments that they might be subjected to during installation and use.
Running time - 1:51



TEPPFA Forum 2014

Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency and Waste

The EU considers its vision of a circular economy as being the logical solution for a resource-constrained world. It's a place where almost nothing is wasted, where the re-use and re-manufacturing of products has become standard practice and where sustainability is built into the fabric of society.

Running time - 3:39