Vinyl India 2015 - A Big Success!

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PVC4Pipes at Vinyl India 2015

PVC4Pipes was present at the Vinyl India 2015 - 5th International PVC & Chlor-Alkali Conference held on 9th and 10th April in Mumbai, India.

The  5th Vinyl India 2015 conference was a big success.  The event gathered over 650 delegates representing 15 countries, coming from 335 companies.

Day 1 focused on the PVC Industry with presentations on 'PVC: Global Scenario', the 'PVC Industry in Europe & Sustainable Development' and the 'PVC Industry of China'.  On the same day three parallel sessions were held on "Additives & Compounding", "Feedstocks to Polymer" and "Processing".

The Programme of Day 2 focused on infrastructure, end-use sectors and C-PVC.  Zoran Davidovski, Communication Chairman of PVC4Pipes, addressed the audience on Day 2 with a paper on 'PVC Sewer Installation Time - SIT Project', which showed that, by using PVC pipes, the installation time for sewers can be shortened by 30%.

PVC4Pipes also awarded 3 Secrid wallets during the lucky dip draw.

Full programme of the event:


Zoran Davidovski, PVC4Pipes Communication Programme                       Rainer Grasmück, PVC4Pipes Board Member

Berlin Hosts Plastics Pipes XVIII

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PLASTIC PIPES XVIII Conference and Exhibition will be hosted at Berlin’s InterContinental 12 – 14 September 2016. Organizers of the event expect at least 450 participants drawn from all sectors of the plastic pipes industry and from over 40 countries.

“Our choice of Berlin is highly appropriate,” explains Zoran Davidovski, Chairman of the conference organizing committee and vice president of Pipelife International. “The world plastic pipe industry was founded through the first installation of PVC water pipes in 1936 in Germany. More recently, the country has been a major exporter of plastic pipe fittings to Eastern Europe where growth in the demand for locally produced plastic pipe systems now exceeds that of traditional markets in the West.”

2016 will mark the second Plastic Pipes Conference in Germany. The first occasion was in Munich in 2002.

“Germany’s success in becoming the world’s second exporter (after China) is very much rooted in the German macroeconomic belief that ‘We make the thing that goes inside the thing that goes inside the thing.’ But what you also see in Germany - and in nearly every other world market - is that the significant growth in demand for plastic pipes stems largely from the replacement of antiquated steel, concrete and copper pipe systems. Benefits such as quality, long life performance, ease of installation and low environmental impact continue to appeal to a more discerning customer base.”

Davidovski also notes that the German Plastic Pipes Association known as the Kunststoffrohrverbandes (KRV) has done much to stimulate demand as well as promote collection and recycling schemes. “Our conference will learn much from the German experience in all activities associated with gas, water, sewer, telecom, building and civil engineering sectors.”

“Aside from this local window, our main program will comprise more than 120 presentations from the entire world of plastic pipes. They will cover key technical and marketing issues relating to the design and development, testing, installation and operation of plastic pipes systems. Papers will offer solutions to engineering issues in the use of plastic pipes systems and identify market trends for further growth in the use of plastic pipes. We shall also review in depth, latest developments in application areas, materials, testing, performance and the most recent expertise acquired in the area of sustainability and its assessment.”

The first Plastic Pipe Conference was held in Southampton in 1970. Conferences and exhibitions are organized by the Plastic Pipe Conference Association. Member associations comprise PE 100+, Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) PVC4Pipes and the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA).

Main sponsors of PLASTIC PIPES XVIII will be plastic pipe machine and equipment supplier Rollepaal and the Baerlocher Group, a world leader in the manufacture of additives for the plastics industry.

Further information about the conference can be found at

PVC4Pipes at Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2015

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PVC4Pipes at Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2015

PVC4Pipes will be present at the forthcoming 3rd Vinyl Sustainability Forum on 30th April 2015 at the Majestic Barrière Hotel in Cannes, France.

Attendees are promised an intense one-day event with presentation and one-on-one discussions between stake holders from academia, government bodies, the UN, theEuropean Commission, retailers and all sectors of the PVC industry.

The forum will show how the industry is helping combat climate change at a number of levels, internally, "measures to improve energy and ressource efficiency" and externally, how "PVC products can contribute in reducing CO2 emissions".

There will be a number of keynote speeches.  The UN will explain its sustainability agenda for 2015, the European Commission (DG Growth) will present the approach to issues of innovation, waste and the circular economy, being taken by the new Commission, and implications for EU climate policy.  VinylPlus will offer a progress report on developments and achievements.

Zoran Davidovski, Communications Chairman of PVC4Pipes and VP Marketing & Innovation at Pipelife International, will present a paper about "The Contribution PVC Pipes Have on CO2 Emissions and Preventing Climate Change".

More information on the event, programme and registration at:

PVC4Pipes at Vinyl India-2015

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PVC4Pipes at Vinyl India-2015

PVC4Pipes will be present at the forthcoming Vinyl India-2015 – 5th International PVC & Chlor-Alkali Conference on 9th and 10th April 2015 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbia, India.

Delegates to this event will be drawn from a wide range of activities within the PVC industry. More than 180 people have already registered.

Day 1 will concentrate on the PVC industry - a global scenario, on feedstocks to polymer, additives and compounding, and recent advances in PVC processing.  The programme of Day 2 will include presentations on infrastructure, end use sectors and C-PVC.

Zoran Davidovski, Communications Chairman of PVC4pipes, will present a paper about “Sewer Installation Time” for PVC versus concrete.

PVC4Pipes will also award wallets to the three best presentations of the event.

More information on the event and registration:

For the programme:


PVC4Pipes Communication Project Co-Funded By VinylPlus

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PVC4Pipes Communication Project Co-Funded by VinylPlus

PVC4Pipes will launch by mid-2015 an interactive online tool for information about PVC pipes.  The project will be financially supported by VinylPlus, the PVC industry programme towards sustainability.

Few years ago, PVC4Pipes developed a Training Package on PVC pipes for the sales forces of the PVC pipes manufacturers.  Based on the content of the training package, the objective in 2015 is to develop an attractive and interactive public version of this tool.  The goal is to select the appropriate content and to adapt it in such a way that the information is ‘non-technical’ and readily understood by those outside of the PVC pipes industry, especially the general public.

This online communication tool will be an interactive application suitable for website, smartphones and tablets, offering online information and data on PVC pipe systems, ensuring that relevant information is in the hands of those who need it, instantly.

The online tool will first be launched in English by mid-2015 on the PVC4Pipes website.  The online application will then be launched in German, French, Spanish and Russian, corresponding to the languages in which the PVC4Pipes website is available.

The project is co-funded by VinylPlus, the PVC industry programme towards sustainability, in the framework of the VinylPlus Communications Project Programme 2015.

PVC4Pipes at TEPPFA Forum 2015

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PVC4Pipes at TEPPFA Forum 2015

PVC4Pipes will participate and exhibit at the forthcoming TEPPFA Forum on 13th and 14th April 2015 at the Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels, Belgium.

Delegates to this event will be drawn from a wide range of activities within the plastic pipe industry.  Moreover, high level speakers and representatives of different European Commission services (DG Environment and DG Industry) and practitioners of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will debate about the environmental sustainability of construction products.

Content of the conference programme will include matters such as market issues, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and plastic pipeline solutions for challenging situations.

As iPad corner sponsor at this major conference, PVC4Pipes will award iPads to the best presentations of the forum.  The association welcomes visitors to its exhibition stand where promotional material will be available.  Furthermore, PVC4Pipes intends to address the conference delegates.

More information at:


Long Term Performance Demonstrated in Poland

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Long Term Performance Demonstrated in Poland

Latest developments in PVC pipe systems were very much in evidence at the VII Technical Conference organized by the Polish Plastic Pipes Association (PRiK).  This two-day conference was co-sponsored by PVC4Pipes that presented a paper entitled: "Long Term Performance & Sustainability of PVC Pipelines".

Read more on Long Term Performance & Sustainability of PVC Pipelines


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When pressure fails or is reduced in a pipe network as may happen if a pipeline bursts or freezes up, the resulting backflow may expose the system to unfortunate consequences such as contamination. However, a PVC-U wafer check valve has now been introduced by Praher Valves that will prevent such an occurrence. Once installed between two flanges in a pipeline, it ensures that fluids can pass in the direction of flow, but prevents backflow of fluids by closing of a neatly designed flap.

Read more about the wafer check valve

PVC4Pipes Launch Multimedia Presentation

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PVC4Pipes Launch Multimedia Presentation

PVC4Pipes has produced a short multimedia presentation that delivers 10 key reasons for choosing PVC for the piping industry.  Entitled: "PVC Pipes - Lifelines For a New Age" the four minute clip communicates the major benefits of PVC pipe systems derived from many years of solid experience and the latest scientific evidence.

Steve Tan, spokesman for PVC4Pipes, is convinced that these various messages will resonate with stakeholders from the industry: "World market demand for our pipe systems is continuously expanding to embrace a global supply chain currently worth over USD 250 billion.  While our pipelines transport their contents silently below ground, we are determined to voice the durable nature of their performance above ground.  Customers and users alike expect timely and accurate information."

"PVC Pipes - Lifelines for a New Age" clip

Best Presentation at PPXVII Conference Goes to a PVC Paper

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Best Presentation at PPXVII Conference Goes to a PVC Paper

The award for Best Conference Presentation at PPXVII in Chicago was won by Monica de la Cruz from AseTub (the Spanish Association of Plastic Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers) for her paper on 'Cost savings through quality installations'.  The paper discloses the contribution of the plastic pipes installation quality in the cost savings for the piping industry and customers.