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PVC fittings help residents pipe down

Christian Roques presents the new pilot facility with its PVC piping. Photo by Philip Salvat.

Residents in Phase 1 of the prestigious new Saxton residential development in Leeds will be enjoying their homes in peace and quiet thanks to the use of Polypipe Terrain's Acoustic dB12 piping system.

The dB12 pipes and fittings have been used to create soil and waste systems which provide a high degree of acoustic insulation and prevent noise transmission within the new Urban Splash development.The development involves the complete refurbishment of two tower blocks which previously provided accommodation for housing authority tenants. The prevention of noise transmission between the new apartments demanded an acoustically insulated piping system that would provide reliable and effective performance.

Terrain Acoustic dB12 was specified by mechanical engineers RAD Mechanical Services of Glossop, Derbyshire.

"We have used Terrain's PVC above-ground soil and waste system on a large number of developments in the past and it has always provided excellent performance," explains RAD's Mark Radcliffe. "We were naturally keen to see if the Acoustic dB12 system which was launched recently could meet our specifications and perform to the same high standards, which it has."

"Polypipe Terrain worked with us to overcome some initial technical issues, and once work started we found the Acoustic dB12 system to be both quick and easy to install."

The acoustically insulated pipes and fittings in the Terrain Acoustic dB12 range allow the creation of soil and waste piping systems in multi-occupancy buildings such as hotels, apartments, hospitals and schools where minimal noise transmission is a key requirement.

The three-layer construction allows the pipes and fittings to provide acoustic performance which surpasses the requirements of Building Regulations Part E, and to also meet Class B1 fire protection standards.