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 PVC Pipes participates in the World Water Day

The International World Water Day held annually on 22 March is a UN-Water initiative launched in 1992. Each year the day celebrates a specific aspect of fresh water. This year's theme "Clean Water for a Healthy World" aims to communicate messages on water quality, ecosystems and human well being. Events are being held across the globe to commemorate this occasion.

The PVC4PIPES European Association decided to help create a buzz about World Water Day by joining the UN-Water campaign, supporting the message that clean water is life and depends on how the water quality is protected.

The Association's members such as Aliaxis Group (Belgium), API (Austria), Baerlocher (Germany), BorsodChem (Hungary) Cires (Portugal), ECVM (Belgium),Ineos (UK), PipelifeTessenderlo Group (LVMDykaSotra-Serepef), Solvin(Belgium), Vestolit (Germany), Vinnolit (Germany), are contributing by spreading the word about World Water Day by writing about water awareness on their websites, in their newsletters and in other publications.

It is part of PVC4PIPES' commitments to contribute to water quality through the installation of piping systems. "PVC pipes are the hi-tech lifelines of our complex world, providing us with vital elements to keep our civilisation running" said Bruno Van Der Wielen, the Association's President. "Not only for clean water to drink but also for the drainage of the waste we produce" he added.

PVC piping systems are also widely used in applications such as sewerage, soil and waste, rainwater systems (including rainwater harvesting), water and waste treatment.