Eco-profiles form part of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA). Whereas LCAs are cradle-to-grave analyses of the environmental impact of a product, eco-profiles stop at the factory gate ("Cradle-to-gate"). The Eco-profiles of PVC were fully updated in 2006.

They can be downloaded from

The key impacts calculated in these eco-profiles are aggregated according to a standard methodology and published in Environmental Declarations. These Environmental Declarations are similar to an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) but, as PVC resin is not a finished product, the term Environmental Declaration is more appropriate. The EPD approach has been pioneered in France, Germany and Sweden. The EPD provides environmental impact data with indicators, for example on emissions of greenhouse gases, but provide additional environmental and technical information. Environmental Declarations are helpful to downstream users and stakeholders, by providing a useful and verified resource for studies and research.

PVC production processes have been continually improved in recent years and their environmental impact steadily reduced. The European PVC industry recognises that, along with all other manufacturing industries, it must pursue continual environmental improvement.