Plastic Pipes Moscow 2013 New Venue Announced

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Increased participation has prompted a new venue for PLASTIC PIPES MOSCOW 2013. This convention and exhibition will now be hosted at the Hotel Nikolskaya Kempinski, Moscow on October 3rd - 4th. In addition to a complete analysis of markets in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, a wide range of technical presentations will include the use of PE pipes in the oil and gas industries, new developments in PVC oriented pipe systems and the future challenges for large diameter pipes.

The convention and exhibition is the first affiliated event by the International Pipes Conference. For more details, follow this link or visit

100 years of PVC

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100 years of PVC - The European industry's journey from patent to sustainability

Like many great things in life, Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC - was first created thanks to multiple and accidental discoveries in different places at different times during the 19th century.  However, it was not until 1913 that Friedrich Heinrich August Klatte from Germany became the first inventor to receive a patent for PVC with a polymerization method for vinyl chloride using sunlight.

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VinylPlus Progress Report 2013

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VinylPlus Progress Report 2013 - Available now

VinylPlus, the European PVC industry sustainable development programme, presented its 2012 achievements at the Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2013 last week in Istanbul and launched the issue of the VinylPlus Progress Report 2013.

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Read the Executive Summary

Over 360,000 tonnes of PVC recycled in Europe in 2012

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Over 360,000 tonnes of PVC recycled in Europe in 2012, new record for VinylPlus

VinylPlus, the European PVC industry sustainable development programme, had a record of 362,076 tonnes of PVC recycled last year, keeping it on track to meet the challenge of recycling 800,000 tonnes per year by 2020. A more comprehensive and wider scope for what constitutes 'recycled PVC' has been adopted to include post-consumer and limited types of post-industrial PVC, as well as some of the regulated waste streams in the EU.

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U.S. Conference Of Mayors Praises The Benefits Of PVC Piping

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On April 22nd, the US Conference of Mayors issued a report on the efficient procurement practices regarding public water projects. The report specifically addresses the aging system of pipes in the USA and the benefits in lfie cycle cost provided by PVC "over all other pipe materials."

Commenting on the report, Bruce Hollands of the Uni-Bell PVC Pipes Association said "We agree with the US Conference of Mayors that cost-effective, durable and greener PVC pipe should be included in all bids for sewer and water infra-structure projects."


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BPF video on PVC - A smart material that allows big energy savings

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BPF video on PVC - A smart material that allows big energy savings

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) Vinyls Group has launched a new animated video looking at the energy and carbon emissions savings achievable by choosing PVC products.

The video highlights how choosing PVC products can result in significant energy savings without incurring extravagant costs. One such example is provided by Fife Council in Scotland who calculated that an average three bedroom property could save over £300 per year on energy bills by choosing PVC windows. The district would also benefit from a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 200,000 tonnes.

Roger Mottram, Chairman of the BPF Vinyls Group said, “Successive investigations by independent authorities continue to validate the benefits afforded by choosing PVC products. In addition, progressive industry initiatives, such as the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment, will reduce the environmental footprint of PVC products even further. The simple fact is that during their life time, PVC products save much more energy than is required to produce them.”

To view the animation ‘Keeping Energy Efficiency Simple’, visit…

Ten years anniversary for PVC4Pipes

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Ten years anniversary for PVC4Pipes

Optimistic outlook for next five years

PVC4Pipes is celebrating its ten years anniversary.  Based in Brussels, the European association promotes PVC pipe system benefits through activities that range from recycling to environmental assessments, standardisation, market analysis and promotion.  In reviewing these activities, it also previews some interesting developments in the PVC pipeline that prompt an optimistic outlook for the industry.

Significant and continuous growth in market share compared to non-plastic pipe mareials is predicted over the next five years.  Rainer Grasmück, recently elected Chairman of the organization comments: "PVC systems continue to outlive non-plastic pipe materials.  Market conversion is particularly noticeable in Eastern and Central Europe where advanced manufacturing technology has started to produce high-end products."

European PVC pipe market shares versus all other materials are estimated at 40% for building (soild & waste), nearly 30% for civils (sewage) and above 20% for utilities (water supply).  Future growth of at least twenty percent in volumes is forecast for the whole European region over the next five years.

Press release on ten years anniversary for PVC4Pipes

PVC4Pipes goes Russian

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The international Plastic Pipes Conference will host its first ever affiliated event in Moscow during 3 - 4 October 2013, the the Hotel Baltshug Kempinski. PLASTIC PIPES MOSCOW 2013 is the convention and exhibition event that will preview the latest developments in plastic pipe technology alongside experience gained by major utility, sewer, building and civil engineering sectors in the Region.

PVC4Pipes and several of its members will be making presentations at this event. For more information, follow this link or visit, which will be open shortly.

Performance and Sustainability Advantages of PVC Sewer Pipes in Australia

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This paper, published in the current issue of Trenchless Technology , reviews the successful use over the last 40 years of  PVC  sewer and sanitary drainage pipes. It cites various reasons for this success, including the superior, all round performance of PVC piping systems compared to the various alternatives. Equally important has been the ability and readiness of the PVC pipe and fittings industry to adopt new technology and design features relevant to the Australian environment, to invest in new production equipment and expand the product range. The use of material efficient pipe constructions and the ability to use recycled PVC from a variety of sources in the core of PVC sandwich construction pipes has led to an enhanced sustainability status of PVC sewer pipe. This, along with other environmental aspects such as low embodied energy, makes PVC the most sustainable material for sewer applications in Australia. For the full article, follow this link:


BPF video highlights savings achievable by choosing PVC products

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The British Plastics Federation (BPF) Vinyls Group has launched a new animated video looking at the savings achievable by choosing PVC products.