Chlorinated PVC Pipe Keeps Olympic Pool Water at a Perfect Ten 1/05/2008

The pristine water the world will see in the main competition pool at the 2008 Summer Olympics flows through a water treatment system that includes 4,300 feet of chlorinated PVC (CPVC) pipe, manufactured by Cleveland-based Lubrizol Corporation.

China Construction Design International chose Corzan CPVC for the job because it "offers a number of advantages when compared to other piping systems available on the market today, including fast, safe, clean installation and resistance to many of the chemicals used in treating pool water," said Yang Peng, the company's vice chief engineer.
Yang explained that the piping system needs to meet or exceed potable water standards and CPVC pipe meets this requirement.

David Lau, the Asia Pacific business director for Lubrizol's TempRite Engineered Polymers division, said that CPVC resists corrosion, even in the aggressive chemical environment of the filtration system. "The smooth interior surface and large internal diameter result in lower energy use and more efficient water conveyance," he said, "and the natural insulation properties help maintain desired water temperature." The piping itself helps maintain water purity because, unlike some metallic alternatives, there is no leaching with CPVC.

Also, Lau said, CPVC is lightweight and easier to maneuver than other materials. The entire piping project was installed in less than six months at a cost of about $500,000.

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