Danish Natural Science Festival informing pupils about water and PVC

In the week commencing 24 September Danish Natural Science Festival is again focusing on natural science. The objective of the festival is to create enthusiasm for natural science and technology among children and young people. Last year the festival involved around one fourth of the basic schools and around one half of the upper secondary schools in Denmark.

This year the Danish basic schools and upper secondary schools will get the opportunity to buy a festival package. In the festival package the pupils will find, among other things, a 30cm piece of PVC pressure pipe and a background text about PVC and pipes, which the PVC Information Council Denmark have prepared together with Nordisk Wavin and Danish Natural Science Festival. The background paper tells the pupils about the development in the water supply in Denmark since 1700 until today, and how the PVC pipe has been playing an important role in the improvement of the drinking water quality. The texts are "a fact sheet" and "the good story" respectively (only available in Danish).

The background of the enclosure of the PVC pipe in the festival package is owing to the fact that the topic of the Danish Natural Science Festival 2007 is water and ice. The pedagogical idea behind the festival package is that the pupils will get an insight in the technology behind some of the important everyday phenomena, that they are normally not giving a thought. The festival package have already been ordered by more than 500 basic schools and upper secondary schools all over the country.

Besides a PVC pipe, given by Nordisk Wavin, the pupils will find in the package different objects that are related to water. Grundfos has given an impeller, Danfoss a compression plunger, Danish Water Waste Water Organisation, DANVA, some filter sand and the Association of Water Works in Denmark has given a water meter.

Danish Natural Science Festival is financed by the Danish Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and a number of foundations, companies and organisations.