PVC4Pipes Communication Project Co-Funded by VinylPlus

PVC4Pipes will launch by mid-2015 an interactive online tool for information about PVC pipes.  The project will be financially supported by VinylPlus, the PVC industry programme towards sustainability.

Few years ago, PVC4Pipes developed a Training Package on PVC pipes for the sales forces of the PVC pipes manufacturers.  Based on the content of the training package, the objective in 2015 is to develop an attractive and interactive public version of this tool.  The goal is to select the appropriate content and to adapt it in such a way that the information is ‘non-technical’ and readily understood by those outside of the PVC pipes industry, especially the general public.

This online communication tool will be an interactive application suitable for website, smartphones and tablets, offering online information and data on PVC pipe systems, ensuring that relevant information is in the hands of those who need it, instantly.

The online tool will first be launched in English by mid-2015 on the PVC4Pipes website.  The online application will then be launched in German, French, Spanish and Russian, corresponding to the languages in which the PVC4Pipes website is available.

The project is co-funded by VinylPlus, the PVC industry programme towards sustainability, in the framework of the VinylPlus Communications Project Programme 2015.