The prototype in PVC, created for the Termared European project, is now working.

This is like a miniature Beaubourg, with a tangle of pipes "maybe less colourful - and mechanisms - much more complex "it would leave more than one plumber's apprentice quite puzzled. That's what the prototype installed and inaugurated on Monday 13 September evening at the premises of the "Institut du thermalisme" looks like. This model of the "innards" of a thermal establishment, or at least of the complex device necessary for functioning, was conducted in the framework of the European Termared (1) project, in collaboration with the "Universite de Bordeaux 2", the "Conseil General" and the city of Dax.

Dacquoise pride

Christian Roques, Chairman of the Board of the "Institut du thermalisme", along with the Mayor and representative of the "Conseil General" Gabriel Bellocq, could not hide his satisfaction to welcome in these walls this facility also called "thermal pilot". A pilot with significant research and experimentation possibilities, and in particular for the microbiological quality of the thermal waters applications. "This is a device that has no equivalent in Europe and this pilot is located in our city of Dax", rejoiced Christian Roques. Close to this innovative prototype, of which all pipelines are PVC, his stainless steel "predecessor" was also installed in order to show to specialists the progress that has been made.


Therefore, this all PVC pilot was built to test natural mineral waters. It represents a network of thermal water distribution, at small scale, with all of the components found in a typical institution. The ultimate goal of all this is to allow an optimum disinfection of thermal waters, while preserving their therapeutic properties. So the interest of all the players in the thermalism business can be easily understood.

"And the PVC, in this regard, is a much more interesting material. Deposits are notalby smaller" says the President. "This pilot will also enable us to perform scientific experiments and to do research in collaboration with Bordeaux 2." This is really a matter of pride for the city of Dax !" Created as part of the Termared project on European cooperation, this thermal pilot has already proved its worth in other parts of the European Community. It was recently tested in Galicia. The full system was very accurately tested in May and June 2010 in the spa center of "Hesperia Isla de La Toja", as part of a study on thermal swimming pool disinfection. This study was overseen by a student of the "Institut du thermalisme" in learning contract since November 1, 2009.

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