The Haulage Industry

Nowadays the transport or haulage industry is used to being under pressure. Road taxes, fuel prices, limited working hours, driving bans on Sundays, increasing labour costs: circumstances differ very much from a few decades ago. Therefore it is good to know that transporting PVC pipes not only comes with many professional and technical advantages. It also means a jump start in business as well.

The advantages for hauliers:

• PVC pipes are light weight: hardly any heavy equipment is needed for loading and unloading.

• Deployment of fewer trucks: 1 lorry can transport 8 times as many PVC-U sewer pipes than concrete pipes of similar hydraulic capacity.

• No claims for damages: PVC pipes are very flexible yet strong compared to e.g. clay or concrete.

• Far less fuel and exploitation costs.

• Safe for man: PVC pipes are easy to handle on and off trucks.

• Less need for mechanical handling equipment during transportation.