The Community

PVC piping systems have become part of our world. The reasons: their versatility, environmental properties and 100% cradle-to-grave or even cradle-to-cradle life cycle. Regarding its lifespan of at least one hundred years, we will share the PVC piping systems that are currently in service with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This awareness puts a great responsibility on all involved in developing, producing and using PVC piping systems. This is a responsibility that PVC4Pipes is glad to take on in partnership with its members. For more detailed information go to our Sustainability section.

The advantages for the Community:

· PVC piping systems are very eco-friendly.

· PVC is produced from natural components (salt and oil or gas) and is recognized as a safe material.

· PVC piping systems are environmentally friendly produced. Its production footprint is below the international standards and still decreasing.

· PVC piping systems are non-toxic and very well suited for drinking water supplies.

· Production emissions are not only strictly controlled by legislation but are also significantly below the required legal minimum.

· PVC piping systems do not contain plasticisers.

· PVC piping systems do not release chlorine gas in use.

· PVC piping systems do not increase the global waste mountain.

· PVC piping systems are cradle-to-grave or even cradle-to-cradle (off-cuts can be recycled).

· PVC piping systems are cost effective.

· PVC piping systems are absolutely non injurious to the health of man or animal.

· PVC piping systems are self-extinguishing and will not burn unless forced to do so by a fire source.

· Smoke from PVC piping systems in a burning environment is not generally more toxic than other materials such as wood, furniture or textiles which might be involved in a building fire.

· Each manufacturer produces to high quality standards according to EU standards.

· Underground applications: a life span of at least a century.

· Inside building structures: a life span of at least 50 years – the normal design life of a building.

· Applications include water, sewerage, soil and waste, electro and gas.

· Excellent resistance against many chemicals, effluents, acids, oils, fats and alcohols.

· Maximum strength using a minimum of material.

· Very maintenance-friendly.

· Easy and quick to install.

· PVC piping systems have higher fire-resistance compared to other thermo-plastics.

· Very suitable in renovation projects where fire safety is an issue

· PVC piping systems are very light yet strong.

· Shock- and pressure-proof: resistant to earth movement, high pressure peaks or even earthquakes.

· PVC-U sewer pipes have 6 times fewer defective joints compared to traditional pipe materials.

· Easy to transport: decrease of transportation costs up to 50%.

· Densely populated areas: trenchless installation is possible.