A Specifier’s task is obvious: provide a project on a basis that will ensure quality without unexpected technical surprises or costs running out of control. Especially when it comes to a quotation or a (European) tender. PVC pipes provide Specifiers all over the world with that one thing that seems rare today: certainty and safety. From designing to production and from transportation to installation.

The advantages for Specifiers:

• Quick and even just-in-time deliveries.

• Each EU-manufacturer produces to high quality standards according to EU standards. See our Standards section.

• By standardization pipes and joints from all manufacturers are interconnectable.

• Off-site fabrication – prefabrication is possible.

• Underground applications: a life span of at least a century.

• Inside building structures: a lifespan of at least 50 years – the normal design life of a building.

• Applications include water, sewerage, soil and waste, electro and gas.

• Excellent resistance against many chemicals and effluents, including acids, oils, fats and alcohols.

• Maximum strength using a minimum of material.

• Very maintenance-friendly.

• Easy and quick to install.

• PVC pipes have higher fire-resistance compared to other thermoplastics.

• Very suitable in renovation projects where fire safety is an issue.

• PVC pipes and fittings are covered by EU standards governing properties including dimensions, mechanical and physical properties.

• Environmentally-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic.

• Installation at temperatures below 5°C is possible using impact modified or oriented PVC pipes.

• Shock- and pressure-proof.

• Resistant to earth movement or high pressure peaks.

• PVC-U sewer pipes have 6 times fewer defective joints compared to traditional pipe materials.

• Decrease of transportation costs up to 50%.