Public Procurement professionals

The aim of Public Procurement professionals is to obtain materials and products for their projects at the lowest cost which fully meet the technical and environmental requirements that are specified for the project.

The advantages for Public Procurement professionals:

• Wide range of pipes and fittings offer cost effective solutions.

• Low environmental impact compared to traditional materials.

• Recyclable at the end of service life

• Underground applications: a life span of at least a century.

• Inside building structures: a lifespan of at least 50 years – the normal design life of a building.

• Applications include water, sewerage, soil and waste, electro and gas.

• Each EU-manufacturer produces to high quality standards according to EU standards. See our Standards section.

• By standardization pipes and joints from all manufacturers are interconnectable.

• Very maintenance-friendly.

• Easy and quick to install.

• PVC pipes and fittings are covered by EU standards governing properties including dimensions, mechanical and physical properties.

• Environmentally-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic.