Project Developers

Reliability and cost-efficiency are important, because realizing a project means time = money. PVC piping systems offer Project Developers total control. On the construction progress, the high quality standard, the compliance to European and (inter)national standards and - last but not least – on the costs.

The advantages for Project Developers:

• Applications include water, sewerage, soil and waste, electro and gas.

• Quick and even just-in-time deliveries.

• Decrease of transportation costs: up to 50%.

• PVC pipes and fittings covered by national and EU standards.

• Off-site fabrication – prefabrication is possible.

• Quick assemblage of any system.

• Through standardization, pipes and joints from all manufacturers are interconnectable.

• Lower operating and maintenance costs (compared to concrete, clay or iron).

• High service reliability.

• Underground systems: a life span of a hundred years.

• In-building systems: a life span of at least 50 years – the normal design life of a building.

• Low risk of leakage.

• PVC pipes only take half the time to install compared to clay and concrete systems.

• Sustainable: cradle-to-grave or cradle-to-cradle and non-toxic.