Labour-unions speak for their members in the field of working conditions, amongst other things. PVC pipes provide workers with products that are safe and easy to handle, especially compared to that 2000 year old Roman invention: concrete. Or to the even older alternative: clay. A great future starts with a good health, in particular for those who are doing hard labour.

The advantages for Workers:

• PVC piping systems are safe to work with, despite its possible large dimensions.

• PVC piping systems are easy to transport, load and unload.

• PVC piping systems are easy to handle and flexible: hardly any physical stress.

• PVC piping systems are very easy to install.

• PVC piping systems are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, including their production.

• By its standardized dimensions PVC piping systems are very reliable to work with.

• PVC piping systems are easy to replace when construction activities necessitate so.

• PVC piping systems are easy to customize and to join.

• Trenchless installation is possible: an advantage in densely populated areas.