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Today’s designers and engineers have developed and perfected tomorrow’s material: PVC pipes. As well PVC piping systems and their production methods have set a silent evolution in motion. This means that lifespan and possibilities of modern PVC pipes are almost unlimited. In combination with its environmental properties PVC pipes turn out to be an unmatched construction tool.

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The advantages of PVC piping systems:

· PVC piping systems offer unlimited design options.

· All measurements and joints are according to EU, national or regional standards

· Each EU-manufacturer makes high quality products according to these standards

· By standardization pipes and joints from all manufacturers are interconnectable.

· Off-site fabrication – prefabrication is very well possible

· Underground applications: a life span of at least a century

· Inside building structures: a life span of at least 50 years – the normal design life of a building.

· Applications include water, sewerage, soil and waste, electro and gas.

· Excellent resistance against many chemicals, effluents, acids, oils, fats and alcohols.

· Maximum strength using a minimum of material.

· Very maintenance-friendly.

· Easy and quick to install.

· PVC piping systems have higher fire-resistance compared to other thermo-plastics.

· Very suitable in renovation projects where fire safety is an issue.

· Installation at temperatures below 5°C is possible using impact modified PVC pipes.

· Densely populated areas: trenchless installation is possible.

· Resistant to earth movement or high pressure peaks: even earthquake resistant.

· PVC is produced from natural components (salt and oil or gas) and is recognized as a safe material.

· The production footprint is below the international standards and still decreasing.

· PVC pipes are non-toxic and very well suited for drinking water supplies.

· Production emissions are not only strictly controlled by legislation but are also significantly below the required legal minimum.

· PVC pipes do not contain plasticisers.

· PVC pipes do not release chlorine gas in use.

· PVC pipes are absolutely non injurious to the health of man or animal.

· PVC pipes are self-extinguishing and will not burn unless forced to do so by a fire source.

· Smoke from PVC pipes in a burning environment is not generally more toxic than other materials such as wood, furniture or textiles which might be involved in a building fire.

· PVC pipes are cradle-to-grave or even cradle-to-cradle.

· PVC pipes are most compatible regarding price-quality.

· PVC-U sewer pipes have 6 times fewer defective joints compared to traditional pipe materials.

· Decrease of transportation costs up to 50%.