Architects have this mission by nature: to go for the limit and exceed it where possible, creatively as well as technically. Fortunately many modern materials allow them to do so. Materials like PVC pipes. They are not developed to shine in public but to stand strong, mostly unseen. But they offer unmatched foundations and tools, making the impossible possible. One of the best examples is the Basketball Arena for the London Olympics in 2012. Designed to last, just like the construction they service.

The advantages for Architects:

• The perfect material to enable creative freedom.

• Tailor made solutions in close cooperation with the manufacturer.

• Manufacturers who are familiar with the demands of creative processes.

• A life span of a hundred years.

• Numerous applications: electro, gas, water; pressure and non-pressure.

• Quick and easy plug-and-play installation.

• PVC pipes and fittings are covered by EU standards governing properties including dimensions, mechanical and physical properties.

• Environmental-friendly production processes.

• Sustainable: non-toxic; cradle-to-grave or even cradle-to-cradle (off-cuts can be recycled).

• Reduced time and costs related to material, transportation, installation.

• Very suitable in renovation projects where fire safety is an issue.

• Installation at temperatures below 5°C is possible using impact modified or oriented PVC pipes.

• Off-site fabrication – prefabrication is possible.

• Resistant to earth movement, high pressure peaks or even earthquakes.