Molecor presents its innovative technology in the trade fair NPE 26/06/09

Molecor will assist to the next NPE, the International Plastics Showcase that will be celebrated for five days at Chicago's McCormick Place. Chicago is going to receive an exhibition about the new and emerging plastic technologies, and, among them, there is no doubt that Molecor Technology emphasizes by herself.

Molecor has developed a new technology for manufacturing PVC-Oriented pipes. This PVC-O pipe is the most environmental friendly and efficient for water transportation. PVC-O is obtained by a physical process called Molecular Orientation that gives the PVC-O pipe excellent mechanical properties, impact resistance, flexibility, fatigue resistance, among others. This pipe is almost unbreakable, maintaining its chemical properties the same.
Molecor technology presents, among other, the next advantages:

  1. Absolutely dry system
  2. Flexibility: we can manufacture continuously or in little batches
  3. Compatible with traditional layouts of extrusion industry
  4. Low training curve
  5. High orientation degree
  6. Energetic efficiency

From 22 to 26th June, Molecor Team is going to attend you and solve all your questions about this new technology. Molecor will be at American Maplan and Cincinnati booth. These two companies have lots of experience in this sector and proven professionalism and quality over the years.