Two New Appointments at PVC4Pipes

Dirk Dupon has been elected new Chairman of the PVC4Pipes Association and Fabio Bernardi will succeed Steve Tan as its Executive Director at the end of June. The new chairman is also Business Manager Vinyls at INEOS ChlorVinyls Limited and takes over the chairmanship of PVC4Pipes from Rainer Grasmück, Head of Global PVC Additives at Baerlocher.

Dirk Dupon holds an MSc in engineering, chemistry and information technology. He graduated in 1988 and joined BP chemicals as production engineer at the Union Carbide plant in Antwerp. He was appointed market development manager for INSPEC Belgium in 1995 and then joined INEOS in 1998 as business development manager for INEOS Oxide Ltd. He has held various roles within INEOS and has served on the board of PVC4Pipes for the last 3 years.

Fabio Bernardi

In relation to the appointment of Fabio Bernardi as the new Executive Director, Dirk Dupon, Chairman of the Brussels based association comments on the outgoing director: “Over the last three years, Steve Tan has done a great job to expound the inherent benefits of PVC pipe systems and communicate them to a wider audience. His succession will be marked by continued measures to promote what has become a USD 100 billion global market that is set to generate double digit growth in major developing markets over the next few years.”

Bernardi graduated in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Venice in 1983 and has worked within the PVC industry for 28 years. He first joined Enichem Polimeri in Porto Marghera and continued to work for EVC when this joint venture was founded between Enichem and ICI in 1986. Involved with polymerization research during his first years, he spent most of his working life in the customer technical service area and continued when EVC was acquired by INEOS.

“Our members are drawn from all sections of the industry, from raw materials supply to pipe systems manufacture, testing institutes and promotional organisations,” explains Dupon. ”Fabio’s experience and expertise will enable us to consolidate and communicate the principles of product performance and quality, environmental responsibility and ethical standards.”


Dirk Dupon, PVC4Pipes Chairman           Fabio Bernardi, PVC4Pipes Executive Director as from 1st July 2015

Further information: Steve Tan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Sylvie Famelart at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.