STR-PVC reaffirms its ambitions                                

During the General Assembly of April 3, 2015, members of STR-PVC renewed their trust in their current management for the next two years.  Furthermore, Benoît Hennaut (Vice President of Nicoll International and CEO of Nicol France) and Luc Bertossi (CEO of Pipelife France) have been confirmed in their respective positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the syndicate.

Beyond individuals, the ambition of the project, supported by the association, was strongly reaffirmed. Today, we are equipped with new ways to use the advantages of PVC for the manufacture of pipes and fittings.

A material "Made by man for man ", PVC has evolved thanks to the expertise of the
French industry. Among the professionals involved (distributors, installers, authorities), as well as the public, PVC has established itself as a modern material, a relevant solution at the service of contemporary building.

Our PVC networks address the expectations by contributing to:
• facilitating implementation.
• creating economic value.
• improving the quality of life.
• saving the planet.

Conscious of the growing importance of environmental issues in construction, we have the desire to impose PVC as the material of progress for excellence. Indeed, PVC pipes and fittings are 100%  recyclable,  identically and infinitely, significantly affecting their carbon footprint over time.

To highlight its performance, the syndicate has chosen to use the initials of PVC
to strongly express this new commitment:  Faire Progresser la qualité de Vie dans la Construction (to improve the quality of life when building.)

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