PVC4Pipes at Vinyl India-2015

PVC4Pipes will be present at the forthcoming Vinyl India-2015 – 5th International PVC & Chlor-Alkali Conference on 9th and 10th April 2015 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbia, India.

Delegates to this event will be drawn from a wide range of activities within the PVC industry. More than 180 people have already registered.

Day 1 will concentrate on the PVC industry - a global scenario, on feedstocks to polymer, additives and compounding, and recent advances in PVC processing.  The programme of Day 2 will include presentations on infrastructure, end use sectors and C-PVC.

Zoran Davidovski, Communications Chairman of PVC4pipes, will present a paper about “Sewer Installation Time” for PVC versus concrete.

PVC4Pipes will also award wallets to the three best presentations of the event.

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