Building Materials: Top Score for PVC Pipe Systems

"For building purposes, those PVC pipe systems that are made with a component of recycled material are more likely to have the lowest environmental impact in terms of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)."  This according to Professor Michiel Haas who is an expert on building materials and founder of NIBE, the Dutch technical institute for environmental impact of building materials.

Seven years ago, the NIBE launched its system that undertakes rigorous environmental (LCA) assessments of a wide variety of building materials used in the  Netherlands.  If the building material meets a challenging threshold in terms of seventeen LCA criteria, it is awarded a quality label (DUBOkeur).  Over 500 types of building products have already been assessed.

Category one for all PVC pipe systems

"When it comes to building materials and their sustainability, PVC pipe systems have a lot going for them," explains Professor Haas.  "So far, we have assessed rainwater downpipes, gutters and sewer pipes within the building environment.  All PVC pipe systems within these applications have been rated category 'one' - out of a range of one to seven.  Category seven would be absolutely unacceptable and include for example, 'wild cut' tropical woods." .....

Professor Haas Full interview