6 September 2013: This week, Jean-Francois Greiner from ALIAXIS will present a sales training package for PVC sewer pipe makers at the INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC PIPE EXCHANGE CONFERENCE in the Chinese city of Xi’an.

Designed to communicate the benefits of PVC pipe systems in a consistent way, the package was developed by the Brussels based PVC4Pipes and is already being used successfully in several countries across Europe. “We tested this tool kit thoroughly in the Spanish market,” says Greiner. Feedback from customers and stakeholders was very positive and we therefore decided to roll out the package in seven European languages.”

A team of ten experts from the PVC pipe industry originally compiled the information as well as checked and challenged its quality. “Customer perception around PVC pipes is generally very favorable,” says Greiner. “Nevertheless, recent scientific evidence has come to light that reinforces the substantial advantages of these systems. We needed therefore to communicate these new findings with installers, architects, contractors and other specifiers. We had to put it all together to put it across and then with one voice.”

“Various courses are now delivering the core material,” explains Greiner. “They consist of a general overview backed up by a significant amount of useful application know-how with FAQ’s. Sustainable aspects of PVC sewer and drainage pipes have been embraced. Our recommendation is that pipe makers conduct two training courses a year.”

 The first Chinese PVC pipe was made in Shanghai during the nineteen fifties. Today, PVC pipe systems occupy a major 55% share of the total plastic pipe market in China. “Technical standards are currently being drafted in China to sustain quality of product, manufacture and installation. We are convinced that our package could complement this process and further enhance the reputation of Chinese PVC sewer and drainage pipes.”                           

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