Ten years anniversary for PVC4Pipes

Optimistic outlook for next five years

PVC4Pipes is celebrating its ten years anniversary.  Based in Brussels, the European association promotes PVC pipe system benefits through activities that range from recycling to environmental assessments, standardisation, market analysis and promotion.  In reviewing these activities, it also previews some interesting developments in the PVC pipeline that prompt an optimistic outlook for the industry.

Significant and continuous growth in market share compared to non-plastic pipe mareials is predicted over the next five years.  Rainer Grasmück, recently elected Chairman of the organization comments: "PVC systems continue to outlive non-plastic pipe materials.  Market conversion is particularly noticeable in Eastern and Central Europe where advanced manufacturing technology has started to produce high-end products."

European PVC pipe market shares versus all other materials are estimated at 40% for building (soild & waste), nearly 30% for civils (sewage) and above 20% for utilities (water supply).  Future growth of at least twenty percent in volumes is forecast for the whole European region over the next five years.

Press release on ten years anniversary for PVC4Pipes